Students council summary-Kwibuka24event

The Kwibuka event that happened on Monday, April 30th, 2018 involved four guest speakers: Mr. Sosthène Cyitatire. Mr. Cyitatire delivered a PowerPoint presentation and lectured the assembly of students and teachers on the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. We learnt that the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi was well-planned and meticulously prepared by the state machinery. Furthermore, Mr. Cyitatire gave us an overview of the consequences of the genocide, which were:trauma, the destruction of social fiber, the destruction of Rwanda’s infrastructure and economy, as well as the colossal number of widows and orphans. Additionally, Mr. Cyitatire concluded by bringing up Wellspring Academy’s mission and vision, which is to raise a generation of servant leaders and agents of community transformation. He said that in order to fight genocide and display the best of Rwanda to the world, we as the youth must fight ideologies, poverty, and institute laws punishing genocide ideology and ignorance.

Mrs. Dimitrie Mukanyirigira, shared her testimony and lured us into the genocide as she told us her ways of survival. Her experience and testimony were deeply empowering and not any less tragic. They were profoundly emotional. She not only cleared the gap we had, as we hadn’t been through the genocide, but she also gave us a lesson in courage, empathy, faith, and the immense importance of forgiveness and unity in order to build our country.

Mrs. Sany as a child of survivors, shared her story and her regret of having grown up without many relatives and some of her family members, such as her grandparents, aunts, and cousins. She taught us about the value of critical thinking, which implies staying aware in order to fight ideologies that might inspire us to hate, spread hate, betray, and take us off the path of development, prosperity, and unity.

Mrs. Anitha Kayirangwa represented the Wellspring Board and talked about genocides that happened all over the world. She made the audience repeat, “Never again. The genocides that occurred are enough.” She made use of Albert Einstein’s quote, “the world is not dangerous due to the people who do evil acts, but because of the passive In conclusion, she said that we should still fight injustice, if we aren’t heard, we must scream and fight. If we die, our graves will be marked, “at least he tried”. The main target of the Kwibuka event was to educate and let the youth of Wellspring Academy know that the Genocide Against Tutsi did happen. The proof is there in the 200 memorial sites located across Rwanda. If we fight ideologies and divisionism, genocide will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Written by student council member: Ingrid Cyitatire

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