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JOB TITLE: Principal
REPORTS TO: Wellspring Academy Board of Directors


Nature and Scope of Job:

The Wellspring Academy Principal serves as the educational leader, responsible for managing the policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe Christian learning environment that meets the approved curricula, vision and mission of Wellspring Academy. Achieving academic excellence requires that the school Principal work collaboratively to direct and nurture all members of the school staff and to engage effectively the Academy community. Inherent in the position are the responsibilities for scheduling, curriculum development, extracurricular activities, personnel and finances management, emergency procedures and facility operations.

The principal will report to the Board of Directors on the progress of the school and regularly meet with the Board Chairman to review, monitor progress and communicate about the needs, successes and general operations of the school. Required Spiritual Qualities

  1. Acknowledge Christ as Savior and seek to live life as his/her disciple.
  2. Demonstrate a desire for spiritual growth as evidenced by his or her prayer life, Bible study, and spiritual outreach to others
Required Professional Qualities
  1. Hold a Master’s degree from an accredited higher learning institution. Having served as Principal or equivalent position for at least 3 consecutive years
  2. Three years experience as a classroom teacher with additional experience in instructional leadership roles
  3. Being knowledgeable with International Schools requirements (CIE, IB, AP..)
  4. Demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy.
Required Personal Qualities
  1. Have the spiritual maturity, academic ability, and personal leadership qualities to “train up a child in the way he should go” (Prov. 22:6).
  2. Be an enthusiastic visionary, an encourager, and a self-starter with a high energy level.
  3. Demonstrate sensitivity towards staff, parents, volunteers, and children, and an ability to interact effectively with them
  4. Understand the importance of discernment, discretion, and confidentiality in the operation of the school.
Special knowledge
  • Working knowledge of curriculum and instruction
  • Ability to evaluate instructional program and teaching effectiveness
  • Ability to manage budget and personnel
  • Ability to coordinate campus functions
  • Ability to develop and implement policies and procedures
  • Ability to interpret data
  • Strong organizational, communication, public relations, and interpersonal skills
Essential Job Functions—Accountabilities
Main functions will include but not are limited to:
General Administration
  • Exercise oversight of Wellspring Academy primary and secondary sections
  • Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.
  • Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school.
  • Establish procedures that create and maintain attractive, organized, functional, healthy, clean, and safe facilities, with proper attention to the visual and acoustic
  • Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of all students, employees and visitors.
  • Nurture both students and teachers to achieve their greatest potential academically, instructionally, spiritually and socially.
  • Establish and maintain the annual master schedule for instructional programs, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students consistent with the school’s philosophy, vision and mission statement and instructional goals.
  • Establish schedules and procedures for the supervision of students in non-classroom areas (including before and after school and on field trips).
  • Refine and communicate the vision of the Academy to staff, students, families and the whole community.
  • Oversee the implementation of the long term strategic planning of the school.
  • Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and observing classes (teaching, as duties allow) on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development.
  • Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior.
  • Establish procedures for evaluation and selection of instructional materials and equipment
  • Organize and supervise procedures for identifying and addressing special needs of students including health-related concerns, and physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Supervise and review student evaluations and performance and professional development
  • Supervise in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems with high standards, consistent with the philosophy, values, and mission of the school.
  • Ensure a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students.
Communication and school Representation
  • Use good written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents and teachers.
  • Attend required government meetings and extra school functions and events
  • Communicate regularly with parents, seeking their support and advice, so as to create a cooperative relationship to support the student in the school.
Reporting and Documentation
  • Complete in a timely fashion all records and monthly, quarterly and annual reports as requested by the position.
  • Establish procedures for safe storing and integrity of all public and confidential school records and ensure that student records are complete and current.
  • Protect confidentiality of records and information gained as part of exercising professional duties and use discretion in sharing such information.
  • Supervise production of quarterly student grade and behavior reports.

Interested candidates should send their motivational letters, certificates and CV to this address: cc to Applications can be dropped physically to the school offices in Nyarutarama near Christian Life Assembly.

Closing date for application: March 9, 2018
Provision date for interview: March 26, 2018
Commencement date: June 4th 2018

Wellspring Academy is an equal opportunity school therefore we encourage qualified men and women to apply.
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the interviews.

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