About Wellspring Academy

The Wellspring Academy community extends you a warm welcome.
We are thankful for your interest and trust and look forward to guiding and serving your family in the years to come.

To produce a new generation of servant leaders to bless Rwanda and display the best of Rwanda to the world.

To educate and equip students to become highly skilled, Godly leaders, and agents of community transformation.

We believe that each of our students is created in the image of God with unique abilities and potential.

It is our privilege to provide Christ centered education where high expectations held within a challenging curriculum provide the foundation for all students to become enthusiastic, persistent and competent learners.

Our teachers and administrators seek to model and develop within each student values that demonstrate a genuine care, love and respect for others, God and the world He created..

The following characteristics make this school unique:

  • It is a non-profit and non denominational Christian School
  • The nature and character of God is central to our understanding of all areas of curriculum
  • All classes are limited to 26 children only
  • Professionally, intellectually and spiritually selected staff
  • Parents and school partner together to serve the best interests of the child
  • English is medium language; French is also taught and valued as second Language; Kinyarwanda is taught to maintain national culture and values;
  • The School aims to develop leaders for all sectors of society who display the principles of unity, uniqueness, service and stewardship


and the source of definition of all truth and morality.
The biblical worldview is the reference for the curriculum development, behavior and life outlook given to the student.

Wellspring Academy aims at fostering a spirit of excellence in:

  • Academics: Wellspring Academy strives to provide an academic program that integrates God’s word with every part of the curriculum and maintains the highest accreditation standards
  • Spiritual Life: Wellspring Academy desires to be a community of believers where people are authentically impacted and receive God’s grace.
  • Life on Campus: The support, care and concern of the Wellspring Academy community for each other seeks to demonstrate the practical outworking of Christian faith.
  • Finances: Wellspring Academy is accountable and transparent in its financial operations.
  • Staffing: Wellspring Academy seeks staff that are qualified spiritually, intellectually and professionally and who are called to join the Academy in fulfilling its mission.

Wellspring Academy strives to produce citizens with a high sense of social responsibility characterized by:

  • A sense of responsibility towards individual, school, public properties
  • A sense of care and service towards each others needs at the physical, spiritual and psychological levels
  • Commitment to Biblical values of family, community and nation

Wellspring Academy endeavors to help every student to:

  • Develop a living relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Discover and develop his/her God given talents and calling
  • Take part in making God known

Wellspring Academy makes every effort to foster the spirit of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency in the management of resources and talents. The staff and management is the embodiment of that spirit.

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